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Meeting 2 - 14th July 2008

Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

10:30am - 12:30pm


pdficon.gif icon Click here [218kb] for a pdf version of the draft minutes.

Cllr Keith Evans (Chair) – Ceredigion County Council;
Cllr Carl Williams - Children and Young People's Partnership;
Superintendent Alun Harries – Dyfed-Powys Police;
Rhian Jardine – Countryside Council for Wales;
Sarah Williams – Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Local Service Board;
Amanda Jones – Hywel Dda Trust;
Jacqui Weatherburn – Learning for Life Thematic Group (Coleg Ceredigion);
Rachel Russell – Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Partnership and National Public Health Service;
Mark Mainwaring – National Library of Wales;
Hazel Lloyd Lubran – Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations;
Dr Ian Roffe – University of Wales, Lampeter;
Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan – A Bilingual Future Thematic Group;
Matthew Quinn – Welsh Assembly Government;
Alun Williams – Children and Young People's Partnership;
Allan Lewis – Ceredigion County Council;
Lowri Edwards – Ceredigion County Council.



Bronwen Morgan – Community Safety Partnership and Ceredigion County Council
Dr Catrin Hughes – Aberystwyth University
Bernadine Rees – Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire Local Service Board
Bryan Thomas – Ceredigion Environment Partnership


Disclosures of interest

No disclosures of interest were made.


wordicon.gif icon Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board meeting – 14th April 2008 [122kb].

Item 1.4 – Correction as follows: "Matthew stated that the LSB could be seen as in a Group of largely rural LSBs where existing Partnerships were strong, without notable tensions and where there was no 'burning bridge' as there had been in Bridgend to drive LSB action. In terms of process, Ceredigion was at the forefront of the Group. It was important to find a clear developmental issue to focus on – the Access to Services issue could provide that."

The minutes were then agreed as being correct following the above amendments.


Matters arising

Item 1.4 – no information to update at present. It was agreed that Matthew would o inform Lowri of any developments as and when information was available.

Item 1.5 – Membership – the following update was provided regarding agreed membership of the LSB:

  • Aberystwyth University – have accepted the invitation to the LSB and have nominated Dr Catrin Hughes to represent them.
  • National Public Health Service – Following consideration by the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategic Group, Rachel Russell has been nominated to represent the HSCWB Group and the National Public Health Service
  • A representative from the Ceredigion Area Committee of One Voice Wales, representing local Town and Community Councils – to be decided at their meeting 16th July 2008.


National update on Local Service Boards: information from the pilot areas

Matthew Quinn

An oral report was received from Matthew Quinn.


The First Minister said in a speech last week that there was no intention to re-structure local authorities at the present time, but emphasised the need to continue to work collaboratively.

WAG Health Committee has been looking at progress with the pilot LSBs and how they are moving ahead. Evidence has been provided by Carmarthenshire and Caerphilly to date. This information is available on the WAG website.

There are a great deal of differences between approaches and priorities of the pilot LSBs, for example:
- Cardiff – looking at local neighbourhoods. This work may link in with the work being proposed for Tregaron
- Caerphilly – looking at Governance – how do the Partnerships work together? etc.
- Gwynedd – looking at Climate Change

There are no clear themes emerging across Wales. However, many are focussing on health and social care.


Allan Lewis stated that he had attended a Governance in Wales Conference last week and quoted the First Minister's words:

"The Beecham review of public services is one of the best things we've done since the Assembly Government came into being." The review shows the way ahead for collaborative working and there is a window of opportunity now for public services to review the way in which they are working collaboratively and are more citizen focused.

Within WAG, there is a commitment to ensure retention of a localism in public services where regional bodies have responsibilities e.g. in light of LHB and NHS Trust re-organisation. There are no intentions to re-structure LSBs in light of these developments.

Local tensions need to be taken in account. The LSBs need to tackle those local issues, collaboratively.

In addition, it was stated that WAG are currently not sure about how they will manage differences between the LSBs – which is becoming apparent in the pilot areas. However there will be a need to
- ensure the links with One Wales
- have some consistency across Wales, even though LSBs are charged with tackling fundamental, local issues

Rachel stated that the role of LSBs will become stronger in light of NHS re-structuring i.e. becoming the local accountable body for health in lieu of a local health body per se.

The responsibility, ultimately, for the Scrutiny of the LSB and the Community Strategy will be with the local authority (as the lead body). The advice on accountability and scrutiny as contained in the Local Vision guidance from WAG is reinforced by advice and guidance provided by the Local Government Ombudsman in a report on Local Partnerships and citizen redress in England.

The information was noted.


Local Service Board Priority Theme: pdficon.gif icon Access to Services – feedback from the Workshop [1.2Mb]

Allan Lewis

Allan Lewis presented the report to the Board on the Workshop held in Tregaron on the 30th June to consider the way forward with the priority theme.

Options and recommendations were presented to the Board for consideration.

One option suggested as a solution by several Groups, was to have a 'one stop shop' (a multi-agency hub in the locality contained within the suggested new Tregaron Health and Social Care facility.

Also, important to improve communications and information between public service organisations and also with the community.

Amanda Jones from Hywel Dda Trust, stated that progress has been made very recently in respect of an integrated health and social care facility at the Tregaron hospital site. (Amanda is leading on the Tregaron Health and Social Care facility on behalf of the Hywel Dda Trust):
- Hywel Dda Trust has been asked by WAG to move this forward
- A Strategic Outline Case need to be submitted to WAG by 31st October – brining together 3 separate projects under one umbrella (Tregaron, Aberaeron and Cardigan)
- This proposal is seen as positive and hope that integrated centre can be delivered
- The Trust is asking for a commitment from the LSB, aswell as the LHB to move this forward


  • The Ceredigion Local Health Board is fully supportive of this project
  • Dyfed-Powys Police has an office in the current hospital and would want to move to a new facility. They are also fully supportive of the project, but acknowledgment needs to be made that the location is not ideal
  • CAVO sees this an opportunity for voluntary groups to become part of this project and to establish whether they will be able to provide services from the Tregaron hub.

It was suggested that an application could be made to Making the Connections to develop this project. The recommendations in the Business Case would need to address the Making the Connections 'Citizen Focus' criteria.

The integrated Health and Social Care facility is a capital project and the building itself is only a part of the solution –there is an opportunity for integrated and shared service delivery from this point.

Consideration should also be given to:

  • Education – The County Council is reviewing school building arrangements in the area and would like to see the 2 projects working hand in hand
  • Use of the Mobile Library van – how can we offer a 'centre point' for communities – i.e. taking information to communities, learning about democracy, culture etc.
    - target some specific villages
    - review the mobile library van timetable – working with other public sectors
    - communities to utilise a new age mobile library van as a centre point for information
    - the Education and Community Services Department is prepared to consider this option of a mobile information services – looking at how to do things differently
    - this idea was supported by the National Library
  • Opportunity to offer training and education for adults in the community
    - links to economic growth
    - make use of technology (tele-centres)
  • The Project Group looking at access to services and information should also take into consideration how to overcome psychological aspects and barriers as well as physical access
  • Countryside Council for Wales currently have a team working in Cors Caron – they will be looking at the benefits of an integrated centre as well as the environmental benefits of a shared service project could give
  • The community profile of the Tregaron and Upland Village are could be strengthened with information regarding education, training and the Welsh Language

It was also reiterated that the community needs to be taken with us in the development of this project.

The Chair stated that each member organisation / Partnership have something to offer to this project and volunteered the support of Ceredigion County Council.

AGREED: Each member of the LSB agreed to participate in this project.

ACTION: LSB Partners Bodies to identify Officers to assist Hywel Dda Trust in the preparation of the Strategic Business Case.

ACTION: Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan to consider and report back on how the role of the mobile library van service could be modernised as a public information point.

ACTION: Rhodri Llwyd Morgan to provide information to strengthen the community profile


excelicon.gif icon Draft programme for the revision of the Community Strategy [36kb]

Lowri Edwards

Lowri Edwards gave a presentation on the guidance for the revision and delivery of the Community Strategy – Local Vision and explained to the Board the reasons for revising the Strategy and the requirements of this revision.

There are five main sections to Local Vision, which have been included in the draft timetable for the revision. These are:

  • Community Engagement
  • Evidence of Need
  • Preparation of a draft Strategy: to be informed by National and Regional Strategies as well as having links with the Local statutory plans
  • Consultation on the draft Strategy
  • Delivery of the Strategy – Action Plans and monitoring

A draft timetable for this work was considered by the Board.


  • Sufficient prior notification of the need for community involvement needs to be given
  • The Local Service Board is responsible for revising and delivery of the Community Strategy
  • Also need to emphasise the role of each LSB Member in the preparation of the Strategy AND in the implementation of actions
  • Need to focus on delivering outcomes – how can we work together to achieve these?
  • Service Delivery Agreements may need to be put in place to answer accountability issues. Are we going to be commissioning Services? This may need to be considered at the next meeting of the LSB?
  • Need to show some transparency regarding what our budgets are
    - mechanism to exchange information on our expenditure programmes
    - often setting up the delivery of Action Plans up to fail as there is no funding to deliver
ACTION: LSB Members' Organisations and Partnerships are to provide support in the preparation of the Community Strategy.


Children and Young People's Plan     pdficon.gif icon Presentation [194kb]  pdficon.gif icon Children and Young People's Partnership agreed actions [154kb]

Alun Williams

Alun Williams, Children and Young People's Partnership gave a brief presentation on the Children and Young People's Plan, which is currently out for consultation until 20th August 2008.

The focus of the presentation was on the links between the draft plan and the Community Strategy and the Local Service Board.

The CYPP will inform and reflect Community Strategy priorities over a 3 year timescale.

There are also links with the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy as well as the Local Safeguarding Children's Board.

CYPP Needs Assessment – came up with some 70 needs for the Plan to address

  • 37 priorities in the draft Plan agreed by the Partnership
  • There are some priorities that the Community Strategy may want to tackle. These include:
    - Provision of sufficient Childcare – loss of £8million to the economy due to lack of sufficient provision
    - Children Information Service
    - Development of Ceredigion's Community Focussed Schools
    - Promote equal access to service
    - Child Poverty etc.

The consultation period ends on the 20th August 2008. The draft plan and response form are available at:

Responses should be made to

The consultation responses will be considered and will be re-drafted and presented for approval by the Council on the 2nd October 2008.


  • There is no mention of access to ICT in the Plan however this did not come up as a major issue in the Needs Assessment apart from access to Broadband. It is important to create the links with the development of Youth Services and enhancing Community Schools to allow for ICT use outside of school hours
  • How can LSB provide added value to this process?
  • There may be an opportunity to integrate in providing information collaboratively to the Children's Information Service – how can we work together to deliver more effectively?
  • Can we bring out the targets contained in all Strategies to deliver collaboratively as an LSB rather than as individual organisations
  • We need to have an overarching view of integrated service delivery
    - see where there are gaps
    - see where there are opportunities to collaborate

ACTION: For each Partner Organisation / Partnership to respond to the consultation by 20th August 2008.

ACTION: For each LSB Member to feedback comments on integrated service delivery in respect of the CYPP. Responses should be sent to Lowri.

ACTION: Alun Williams to consider consultation responses and any recommendations which the LSB could consider as joint or shared action.


pdficon.gif icon Update on the Partnership Integration Group and the Thematic Groups [159kb]


A report was presented to the Board and no issues were raised for their attention.

The report was noted.


Any other business



Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the Ceredigion Local Service Board will be held:
Monday, 13th October 2008
Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

The following dates were agreed for meetings to be held during 2009:

  • 12 January 2009
  • 13 April 2009
  • 13 July 2009
  • 12 October 2009

All meetings will be held in the Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron and will commence at 10.30am.

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