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The Ceredigion Single Needs Assessment

An important principle behind Single Integrated Plans is that they are based on evidence of local circumstances, the potential of the local area as well as local problems.

At the initial stage this meant gathering together a wide range of statistical data and other information to give a picture of Ceredigion and its people.

A summary version of the Ceredigion Single Needs Assessment, the evidence base created during the preparation of the consultation draft of the Ceredigion SIP, is published together with the consultation draft of the Ceredigion SIP. A full version of the Single Needs Assessment is in preparation and will be published in spring 2013.

The initial Single Needs Assessment has a reference date of December 2013, but the needs assessment is a 'living document' and research and analysis work will continue to keep the assessment up to date and to investigate particular issues in more detail. The SIP 'Information Strategy' will outline how this work will be developed.

If you have any questions about the evidence in the Ceredigion Single Needs Assessment please contact the SIP team:

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