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Notes of meeting 14 - 23rd April 2007



Meeting 14 – 23rd April 2007

Members' Room, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

9:30am - 12:45pm


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Councillor Keith Evans (Chair); Councillor Carl Williams; Bronwen Morgan; Mark Elliott; Lowri Edwards; Allan Lewis – Ceredigion County Council
Chief Inspector Kevin Davies – Dyfed-Powys Police
Gareth Jones – Learning for Life Thematic Group
Councillor Ray Quant – Stronger Communities Thematic Group
Sue Hurds – Ceredigion Local Health Board
Rhian Jardine – Countryside Council for Wales
Hazel Lloyd - CAVO
Anita Rogers – Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust
Paul Varallo – Environment Agency Wales
Mike Shaw – Ceredigion Economic Regeneration Partnership
Ruth Bacigalupo – DEIN, WAG

The Chair welcomed Bronwen Morgan to the meeting as the new Chief Executive of Ceredigion County Council.

Professor Ian Roffe - University of Wales, Lampeter
Allison Williams – Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust
Peter James - DEIN, Welsh Assembly Government
Rachel Russell – National Public Health Team
Roy Evans – Ceredigion Economic Regeneration Partnership
Notes of last meeting (13) – 22nd January 2007
The minutes were accepted as a true record.
Matters arising
There were no matters arising from the notes of the last meeting.
Ceredigion Local Service Board – The Way Forward
Mark Elliott
It is proposed that Local Service Boards should not be new organisations but be local leadership teams. This team will pull together all the partners to agree joint action to achieve better outcomes for citizens where this requires working across organisational boundaries.

The purpose of the Local Service board is to strengthen local public service leadership so that it can tackle fundamental and current unmet challenges from a citizen perspective.

Some actions we can take from this are, using available evidence to work on key issues for added value. Also when the priorities are agreed we need to identify resources.

A suggested Ceredigion Local Service Board Structure was presented by Lowri Edwards and the board discussed key points. Matters arising from the Chart were responsibilities of the members:

- What Groups are required?
- Future role of the Partnership Integration Group
- Member role on the Board or Group

- Do you have the authority to make decisions on behalf of your Organisation / Partnership?

- Organisation / Partnership accountability i.e. who are you accountable to?

- Who do you feed information back to?

It was asked if there was need for more citizens on one of the LSB Groups, as most of the members are officers?

The aim is to move to a multi-disciplinary scrutiny process which examines the effectiveness of the public service response to citizens, in a fundamental, constructive and improvement-focused way.

Local Elected Members will be at the heart of this process, reflecting their community leadership role, but they will need to involve other stakeholders, depending on the subject for scrutiny

The Board agreed that the structure diagram is very useful, and system monitoring is also a good example.


Information Sub Group needs to look at recurring problems and start to bring evidence to the table.

Thematic Groups and Key Partnerships to provide ideas of priority themes / work areas.

After discussion on the board working together Cllr. Keith Evans added that individual Partners / Agencies also need to work individually.

The Board agreed that the Structure proposed could be the possible way

Information should be fed back to Lowri Edwards with regards to the related issues by Friday, 15th June 2007.

A structure should be ready for the next meeting, with identified themes and work areas where we could progress.


Community Engagement Events – 'Your Community, Your Voice' Report


Lowri Edwards
Lowri Edwards gave a presentation on 'Your Community, Your Voice' Report.

In the Autumn of 2006, a series of community engagement events entitled 'Your Community, Your Voice' took place in the six main towns of Ceredigion.

The aim of these events was to enable residents to voice their views about their community and propose how they felt their community could be improved. The exercise was designed to answer the following questions;

- What are the best/worst points about the local community?
- What would you like to change about your community?

There was a disappointing turn out in all areas.
Approximately 200 people attended the seven Theatre Forum events across the County and 161 questionnaires were returned.

In future it would be a better idea to attend partners who are ready to attend and also visit with groups in the County (i.e. W.I)

The information was noted.

All Partner organisations should use the information gathered. The Report is available at

Update on the Partnership Integration Group and the Thematic Groups
Lowri Edwards
Partnership Integration Group

An invitation was extended to the Partnership Integration Group to attend the feedback on the Development Project at the Ceredigion 2020 Partnership Board Meeting.

Strategic Frameworks are currently being developed. These Frameworks will guide where the money will be spent.

A Local Action Group has been established from the Stronger Communities Thematic Group. The LAG will be focussing on delivery at the local level and its membership reflects this.

Thematic Groups

Health, Social Care and Well Being

Work has been progressing on completing the Health and Well Being Needs Assessment 2006/7.

On the 1st April 2007 the statutory guidance for developing Health, Social Care and Well Being Strategies came into force. The guidance emphasises the cross linkages between Community Strategies and other partnerships that exist, such as the Children and Young People's Strategic Framework.

Although there is no statutory requirement to publicly consult on the Health Needs Assessment, the HSCWB Thematic Group are keen to ensure that issues and priorities identified in the Assessment reflect those identified by other partners under the C2020 partnership.

Learning for Life

Since the last update in January 2007, the Group has met twice and received progress reports on 14-19 developments in the County, school re-structuring, Interred activities, activities for those aged between 0-11 and reports from both the Adult and Community Learning and Basic Skills Sub Groups.

The Lifelong Learning Group is finding these updates extremely useful in ensuring that the good work that is being undertaken is effectively recorded and monitored.

During May and June, the Group will receive updates on Arts and the Youth Service Intergenerational Activities and Sport and Leisure. It will also be receiving an Adult Basic Skills Strategy for the County and updates on the Adult and Community Learning Action Plan.

High Quality Environment

The Ceredigion Environment Partnership (CEP) has developed a framework to help public, private, voluntary, community organisations and groups work together to improve our environment.

The Environment Linkage Framework will be presented to the Ceredigion 2020 Partnership Board at its next meeting in July.

The updates of the Groups were circulated to members prior to the meeting and were noted.
14.7 (10:30am - 12:30pm)

"Transforming Local Services in Wales" – Local Service Boards and Local Service Agreements

Feedback Agenda(bilingual)

Ceredigion Development Project

Carys Evans – Welsh Assembly Government
Carys Evans was welcomed to the meeting.


- Would it be necessary to create another Board when we are ready as a LSB?
- The Board isn't seen as a new structure, the assessment is that the boards are and have worked well on gathering information and partners together, there for the need for a new board is not needed. The main factor we are trying to achieve is to raise the standards of the Boards.
- Demonstrate how ways could be improved and how initial ways of funding could be dealt with.
- If work is not done sooner then partners / Authorities will lose interest in the Welsh Assembly Governments options.
- The Board will be in a position were they run and rule projects and funding.
- There are six WAG Directors involved with the Development Project Local Service Boards and working alongside teams and projects.

After a long discussion on all relating matters the Board decided that work would continue and matters arising will be dealt with.

Cllr. Keith Evans thanked Carys for attending and she was thankful for the offer of attending.


It was noted that a structure will be needed before November 2007

The Board agreed that they are working well together and willing to proceed.

There is a need to ensure suitable and effective governance arrangements for all organisations.

Lowri Edwards and Carys Evans will keep in contact over future matters and keep updating the Partnership.

Any other business

All work needed to be fed back from this meeting should go to Lowri Edwards

There were no other matters

Date of the next meeting:
16th July 2007
Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

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