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Summary Community Profiles:

These documents are bilingual. To print - double sided with 2 staples on the left.

pdficon.gif icon Aberaeron Summary Profile [307kb]pdficon.gif icon Aberystwyth Summary Profile [394kb]
pdficon.gif icon Cardigan Summary Profile [308kb]pdficon.gif icon Lampeter Summary Profile [323kb]
pdficon.gif icon Llandysul Summary Profile [489kb]pdficon.gif icon Tregaron Summary Profile [711kb]

Full versions:

Please note - each of these documents are at least 2MB

pdficon.gif icon Aberaeron Profile (full version) [4.4Mb]pdficon.gif icon Aberystwyth Profile (full version) [1.8Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Cardigan Profile (full version) [1.6Mb]pdficon.gif icon Lampeter Profile (full version) [2.0Mb]
pdficon.gif icon Llandysul Profile (full version) [1.8Mb]pdficon.gif icon Tregaron Profile (full version) [2.1Mb]

Data Sharing Group - data mapping

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