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Appendix 4

Appendix 4

Ceredigion 2020 16 June 2003

Title: Establishing Thematic Groups to Deliver Actions

The Draft Ceredigion 2020 document has identified key actions in each of the five identified themes following the Vision Day in June last year and consultation with organisations across the county. There is a need now to make progress and begin to prioritise, grasp opportunities in partnership and make a difference to communities by delivering actions.

Initially, it is proposed that Thematic Groups are either established or appropriate groups if already in existence asked to deliver agreed and identified actions grouped by theme and report to Ceredigion 2020.



For example the Ceredigion Objective One Partnership Management Board could be asked to become the Economically Successful Thematic Group to assist delivery of Ceredigion 2020. In this way the resources necessary to deliver actions through Ceredigion 2020 would be shared by various partner organisations and those working on a particular theme would share information, data and knowledge. An appropriate partner organisation be identified to be the lead for each thematic group. The Health Alliance Partnership could deliver Active Well being actions.

There may also be a need to consider in the future Area Fora, where necessary, perhaps learning and following on from the work undertaken in Communities First Areas. These initial Area Fora could be in identified areas of need using suitable indices of deprivation.


Ceredigion 2020 is requested to consider the way forward in delivering actions and benefits to communities through thematic groups and agree appropriate partner organisations to lead each group.

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