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Transforming Your Space Grant

Ceredigion 2020 16th June 2003

Title: Transforming Your Space Grant

As part of the transforming communities initiative, the New Opportunities Fund have provided Ceredigion with £100,000 available for Transforming Your Space programme. This funding is available to a single project that will improve local environments, enabling communities to make them safer, healthier, greener, cleaner, better designed, more welcoming and accessible to all.

The successful scheme must demonstrate what is meant by sustainable development. It should also meet people's needs and improve the quality of life, whilst minimising the damage to the environment locally or globally, now or in the future. The project should support social, economic and environmental policies and partnership working.

What is the role of Ceredigion 2020?

Funding available under the programme must be delivered through Ceredigion 2020. NOF will seek evidence that the application has been endorsed by the Community Strategy Partnership, prior to submission.

The Partnership is also required to nominate a Lead Organisation to submit the application and manage the grant scheme.

Funding can only be considered for those applications that meet all of the following priorities:

Enhance the quality of life of local communities
Improve the appearance and amenities of the local environment
Increase the development of community assets

Two applications were received, namely:

Maximising the Penparcau Community Education Centre – Department of Education and Community Services, Ceredigion County Council
Dim Pen y Daith – Ceredigion Recycling and Furniture Team (C.R.A.F.T.)
A panel met to discuss the applications on Friday, 6th June 2003. The panel members were:

Mark Elliott, Ceredigion County Council
Lowri Edwards, Ceredigion County Council
Huw Williams, Ceredigion County Council
Dr Gareth Evans, Ceredigion County Council
Dr Sue Byrne, Countryside Council for Wales
Hazel Lloyd, Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations
Emma Killian, Environment Agency Wales
Mark and Lowri facilitated the work of the Panel but were not involved in deciding on the preferred application.

Synopsis of the Applications

Maximising the Penparcau Community Education Centre
Department of Education and Community Services, Ceredigion County Council
"The project is to extend the Penparcau Community Education Centre building in solid materials to provide new dedicated secure storage, and to replace the obsolete heating system. Arising from the stated needs of the building's users, this will improve standards of community provision in the only Communities First area in Ceredigion by maximising space in meeting rooms and allowing further participation by present and new users."

Dim Pen y Daith
Ceredigion Recycling and Furniture Team (C.R.A.F.T.)
It will provide premises for CRAFT in new and refurbished buildings at Aberystwyth station. The sustainability developed buildings will have low energy requirements during construction, use and demise. The project will reduce waste to landfill by recycling reusable household items, making them available to people on low incomes and others. It will provide employment, training and volunteer opportunities, particularly for the disadvantaged, and be an exemplar for sustainable development in Ceredigion."

The Panel considered both applications through the use of a checklist. The results can be seen in the Appendix.


The Panel recommends that 'Dim Pen y Daith' application by C.R.A.F.T. be endorsed by Ceredigion 2020 as Ceredigion's application for the New Opportunities Fund – Transforming Your Space Grant.

This application met the three main priorities and is an innovative project for Ceredigion. However, the Panel recommend that further work is carried out on some areas to improve the application.

The Panel also recommend that further development can be made of the 'Maximising the Penparcau Community Education Centre' to utilise other grant streams in the future. The Panel felt that this was a missed opportunity and that the scheme did not meet the criteria for the Transforming Your Space Grant.

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