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Notes of Meeting No. 2 - 16th June 2003

Ceredigion 2020

Ceredigion Community Strategy - Partnership Steering Board

Meeting 2 - 16th June 2003

Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

10:30am - 12:30pm


Councillor Dai Lloyd Evans (Chair); Councillor Mair Morris; Owen Watkin; Mark Elliott; Lowri Edwards - Ceredigion County Council
Stephen Griffiths - Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust (on behalf of Allison Williams)
Chief Inspector Mark Collins - Dyfed-Powys Police (on behalf of Chief Superintendent Alun Williams)
Paul Varallo - Environment Agency
Steven Fletcher - ELWa
Dr Geraint Davies - Welsh Development Agency
Dee Reynolds - Tourism Partnership Mid Wales
Jon Armitage - Partnership Management Board
Sandra Morgan - Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations (C.A.V.O.)
Mary Griffiths - Ceredigion Local Health Board
Dr Hywel Davies - CCET


Denise Phillips; Peter Williams - Ceredigion County Council
Allison Williams - Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust
Chief Superintendent Alun Williams - Dyfed-Powys Police
Dr Ian Roffe - University of Wales, Lampeter

2. Notes of Meeting No.1 - 27th January 2003 (Appendix 1)Noted as correct 
3. Matters ArisingVice Chair - to nominate as and when necessaryTo nominate a Vice Chair as and when necessary
3.1 Membership of Ceredigion 2020 (Appendix 2 - Letter received from the Countryside Council for Wales)

Welcome Jon Armitage - Business Sector; Dee Reynolds - Tourism Sector; and Dr Hywel Davies - CCET to the Ceredigion 2020 Board.

Possibility of expanding the Board as and when necessary - without making it too large and unmanageable.

Vital to consider how we engage and interact with the public.
For all organisations to work towards the same direction and to communicate this to the public. Need to work together to achieve this.
Need to co-ordinate consultation between the Partners - should be a strength of the Board.
To note that consultation has taken place on the Community Strategy.

Countryside Council for Wales request that consideration be given to them becoming Members of the Board.


To invite the Countryside Council for Wales to become Members of Ceredigion 2020.

3.2 Substance Misuse and the Community Strategy (Appendix 3 -Report from Dyfed-Powys Police)

Need to bring the effect of drugs in the community to the fore. This is an important matter for Ceredigion.
Community Safety Partnership now has responsibility of creating a strategy for dealing with drugs and substance misuse.
Ceredigion 2020 to feed priorities to the Community Safety Partnership.
Strategy to be in place by April 2004.

Ceredigion 2020 need to be aware of the extent of the problem.
To be incorporated into Ceredigion 2020 and to all the Thematic Groups.

Ceredigion 2020 to feed to the Thematic Groups the need to deal with this issue.
To set targets for the Thematic Groups and to report back.
Need to consider how this is dealt with in the community - for prevention.
School Liaison Officer employed, working in partnership with the Education Department.

To feed this to the Community Safety Partnership; Young People's Partnership; Health Alliance; CCET; Communities First; Menter Organisations and to work together to address this problem.
Closer working with the Housing Dept. and Housing Association with regard to perspective tenants to housing from outside the County - to be considered by the Thematic Groups.

Need to look at the underlying problem.

For Ceredigion 2020 to give direction to deal with this problem and for the Thematic Groups and the Community Safety Partnership to demonstrate how they are dealing with it.

To feed this to the existing Partnerships that are already in existence and for them to take action as appropriate.

3.3 Assessing Actions by Partners (verbal report)Develop this through Thematic Groups. For the Thematic Partnerships to develop this work.
Thematic Groups to carry out some Partnership Mapping work and to identify gaps.
3.4 Transforming Your Space (Appendix)

Panel recommends that the C.R.A.F.T. application be submitted to NOF.

Recommend that the "Maximising the Penparcau Education and Community Centre" application be developed further and to work with the Communities First Partnership for other sources of funding.

Disappointing that only 2 applications were received.

Need to look at the wider impact of the applications and how they will affect the community.

Accept to endorse the C.R.A.F.T. application to be submitted to the New Opportunities Fund.

Recommend that the "Maximising the Penparcau Education and Community Centre" application consider other funding through the Communities First Partnership and to work with the Communities First Officer for the area.

Ceredigion 2020 agree to allow C.R.A.F.T. to run the application without involvement by Ceredigion 2020.

4. Thematic Groups (Appendix 4)

The Thematic Groups would drive the Community Strategy forward and the identified actions.

To set up Thematic Groups but to make use of existing Partnerships.

To identify a Lead Body for all the Themes and a remit for each.

Need to capitalise on what exists currently.

For all Thematic Groups to consider the Cross-Cutting Issues i.e. Welsh Language Schemes.

Need further information on the remit of being a Lead body and resource implications that would go with it.

Agree Lead Bodies for each Theme as follows:

Active Wellbeing - Health Social Care Wellbeing Group

Stronger Communities - has a wide remit - Antur Teifi, Communities First, Mentrau organisations - to be considered at the next meeting

Learning for Life - Ceredigion County Council

High Quality Environment - Environment Agency (Environment Partnership - to broaden its remit and membership)

Economically Successful - WDA & CCC (subject to resources)

For CERED to give an opinion on how the Welsh Language will be taken forward within each of the Thematic Groups

5. Community Strategy Resources (Appendix 5)

A communication issue.

Need to be doing things together.

Capacity to develop the Community Strategy - a resource issue in just running the Strategy.

Thematic Groups to consider.
6. Website To continue developing the Ceredigion 2020 website
7. Any Other Business
7.1 Report by the Environment Agency - 'Pride in our Communities

For information.

Environment Agency would welcome any comments.

Recycling has a high priority for Ceredigion.
An example of where we should be working together.

To send any comments regarding this document to:

Paul Varallo, Environment Agency Wales, Llys Afon, Hawthorn Rise, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire SA61 2BQ

7.2 Future Dates for Meetings

Next meeting 15th September 2003 - 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa

Suggest a further date in December

Date for Meeting No. 4 agreed:

1st December 2003
Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

Ceredigion 2020 - the Community Strategy

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