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Notes of Meeting 7 - 15th November 2004

Ceredigion 2020

Ceredigion Community Strategy - Partnership Steering Board

Meeting 7 – 15th November 2004

Conference Room, Police Station, Boulevard Saint Brieuc, Aberystwyth

10:30am - 13:00pm


Councillor Dai Lloyd Evans (Chair); Councillor Carl Williams; Owen Watkin; Mark Elliott; Lowri Edwards; Denise Phillips - Ceredigion County Council
Derrick Jones - Ceredigion Local Health Board
Allison Williams - Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust
Inspector Robyn Mason (on behalf of Superintendent Arfon Jones) - Dyfed-Powys Police
Ellen ap Gwynn - Objective 1 Partnership Management Board
Peter James, Welsh Development Agency
Hazel Lloyd (on behalf of Sandra Morgan) - CAVO
Lisa Tomos - Countryside Council for Wales
Steve Fletcher - ELWa
Selwyn Walters - Stronger Communities Thematic Group


Superintendent Arfon Jones - Dyfed-Powys Police
Paul Varallo - Environment Agency Wales
Rod Pritchard - Siambr Ceredigion Chamber Ltd.
Professor Ian Roffe - University of Wales, Lampeter
Sandra Morgan - CAVO

7.2 Notes of last meeting (6) – 21st June 2004
Noted as correct

7.3 Matters Arising

7.4 Presentation from Derrick Jones, Chief Executive, Ceredigion Local Health Board

A presentation was given regarding the work of the Ceredigion Local Health Board

There are clear links between the work of the Local Health Board and the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy and ultimately Ceredigion 2020.
How can we ensure that all organisations link to the objectives of Ceredigion 2020 and take a role in developing the Strategy?
How do we ensure that individual organisational priorites are linked?
There are many shared priotities and all organisations need to agree and to work individually to deliver these priorities.
Organisational Strategties need to be aligned to deliver the Vision
Need to develop inter-connections between organisational Strategies and for organisations to 'sign-up' to their part of the Action Plans, without conflicting with National priorities etc.

What are we aiming for in Years 1,2 and 3?
- will depend on joint-working
- joint funding
- identifying Lead Bodies

Ceredigion 2020 should be used to support projects across the County - projects should support the priorities and clearly demonstrate links

Look into the possibility of pooling budgets - e.g. extra funding - discussing ways of spending / developing new projects etc.

1. Decision:
Organisations to share their Strategies for awareness raising
Please e-mail to Lowri Edwards

2. Decision:
Thematic Groups to work towards identifying individual organisations' roles
- To report back at the next meeting
- Undertaken by the Partnership Integration Group

3. Decision:
Develop Action Plans, identifying Lead Bodies and Partners and funding availability etc.

7.5 Update Reports from the Thematic Groups

Active Wellbeing

Economically Successful

High Quality Environment

Learning for Life

Stronger Communities

Next steps for the Thematic Groups are to develop Action Plans to support their Theme within the Strategy, linking with Partners and identifying resource.

To note the position

7.6 Partnership Integration Group (PIG) Update (Mark Elliott – verbal report) - including Draft Remit and matrix.
Need to develop the framework between the PIG and the Thematic Groups to identify priorities etc.

The matrix shows shared key priorities and where they fit in and to establish where there are gaps that need to be addressed

Thematic Groups to look at the rationalisation of Partnerships
- to align the work to make it more efficient and to reduce burden

Look at the Welsh Assembly Government consultation document 'Making the Connections'

- Undertaken by the Partnership Integration Group

Remit Agreed

7.7 Citizens' Panel Update (Mark Elliott – verbal report)

Update report noted.

7.8 Stronger Communities Strategy

Develop Actions based on what communities need by

- joint-working between Economically Successful and Stronger Communities Thematic Group with regard to supporting Community Voluntary Groups and Community Services

All Thematic Groups to consider the content and to make any comments to Paul Owen

7.9 Community Strategy Progress Update (Mark Elliott – verbal report) Latest Version of the Strategy

- Thematic Groups working to finalise the Strategy document (nearly complete) – final task is to check that all linkages are present
- Once complete, will translate and publish (glossy – funding has been identified)
- Strategy will then be distributed widely
- Need to consider whether we need a 'summary' document/leaflet for the public in plain English/Welsh

- Thematic Groups to develop Action Plans by December/January (template for Action Plans has been developed)
- Action Plans will then be published as a separate document (as this will be updated regularly)

7.10 Any other business
Big Lottery Fund – Mentro Allan
More information available on

£6.5million Fund for the programme
Programme aims to increase activity levels among the 'hard to reach' by increasing the recreational use of the natural environment of Wales.

To share this information with Partners and to encourage applications

7.11 Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 23rd February 2005
Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

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