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Notes of Meeting 9 - 13th June 2005



Meeting 9 – 13th June 2005

Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

10:30am - 12:30pm


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Councillor Dai Lloyd Evans (Chair); Councillor Carl Williams; Owen Watkin; Mark Elliott; Lowri Edwards - Ceredigion County Council
Paul Varallo - Environment Agency Wales
Peter James - Welsh Development Agency
Gareth Jones - Learning for Life Thematic Group
Lisa Tomos - Countryside Council for Wales
Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn - Ceredigion Economic Regeneration Partnership
Hazel Lloyd - Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations (CAVO)
Dr Ian Roffe - University of Wales, Lampeter
Rod Pritchard - Siambr Ceredigion Chamber Ltd.
Bob Jacques - Ymlaen Ceredigion
Derrick Jones - Ceredigion Local Health Board
Allison Williams - Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust

Selwyn Walters - Stronger Communities Thematic Group
Steven Fletcher - ELWa
Jenny Thomas - University of Wales, Lampeter
Notes of last meeting (8) – 23rd February 2005
Accepted as correct
Matters arising

8.3 Ellen ap Gwynn has met with Selwyn Walters to discuss collaboration between the Economically Successful and Stronger Communities Thematic Groups. There is now an understanding agreed on how to take the work of the two Thematic Groups
SC to nominate Menter Group representative to sit on PMB in the future

8.5 Official Sign up to the Strategy - all Partnership Board member organisations have signed-up apart from the Mid Wales Tourism Partnership

8.5 Countryside Council for Wales and WDA - Cardigan and South Regeneration data will be forwarded shortly.

Presentation from High Quality Environment Thematic Group
Paul Varallo

Apologies that Phil Pickersgill was unable to attend to give presentation regarding Flood Plans (TAN 15)

Presentation given on the work of the High Quality Environment Thematic Group

Main points:

  • Linking the economic value of this work to Ceredigion
  • Action Plan developed based on the key priorities identified in the Community Strategy. Actions and targets identified to deliver the priorities.
  • Short, medium and long term timescales for delivery of Actions.
  • Looking at what is currently going on but also identified aspirational Actions. Currently at the stage of identifying lead organisations to deliver the Actions.
  • Draft Action Plan will be circulated shortly to the PIG in the first instance to ensure that the overlapping issues are picked up between the Themes.
  • Challenges include:
    - community involvement
    - delivering added value (what can we deliver in addition to achieving our own Corporate objectives)
    - communication and awareness
    - dealing with environmental threats
    - exploiting the economic opportunities
  • Value of the environment to Wales - 170,000 jobs / £2367m GDP
    Economic opportunities:
    - expand tourism
    - promote the environment to attract investment
    - expand environmentally beneficial farming, forestry, expand organic and Welsh brand
    - develop environmental goods and services
    - expand activity in waste reduction, re-use, recycling
  • Value of Ceredigion's environment
    - economy and the environment can't be viewed separately
    - business can reduce their costs and be equipped to compete for environmental work
    - local involvement and ownership

OW - Need to link what Paul has presented to another agenda item on how to develop Ceredigion 2020. The importance of the environment to everything around us.

DLlE - Will you be looking at more local environmental issues? e.g. what re your links with WAG and the Agriculture Department?

PV: "Think global and act local" Global warming - this is included in the draft Action Plan - establishing an Energy Forum for Ceredigion.

LT: Tir Cynnal - have not considered this formally within the HQE group and to suggest WAG membership.

EaG: Good to see that the environment and the economy is looked at together and to use the environment to develop the local economy


For the Environment Agency Wales to give a presentation on Flood Plans at the next meeting

Possible funding for the Community Strategy
Bob Jacques & Mark Elliott

PIG have considered the spatial aspects of the Community Strategy

The Community Strategy has a synergy and linkage to the hierarchical plans of Wales Spatial Plan and Winning Mid Wales

Paper is trying to get a better direction on the way forward in terms of delivering on a spatial basis and joining things together

Engage demographically with communities and developing Actions
Wales Spatial Plan - 4 priorities for Ceredigion which link with the Community Strategy
Use the 6 town areas identified by the Mid Wales Partnership - Winning Mid Wales Strategy document for actions and engagement at a local level

Limited resource to do this - there are funding opportunities out there which we may be able to bid for to assist with this work
Areas we need to be looking at:
- engaging with people in their communities (a common approach between the Thematic Groups)
- sustainability appraisal of the Community Strategy
- framework in which the activities are carried out, including the above, so that there is a clear way of feeding information 'up and down' and between spatial dimensions
- capacity and resources to put these processes in place (applies to all Partners who may be involved in doing it). There is a EU LIFE Environment fund, which has a broader remit than the title suggests - emphasis on sustainable development. Timescale may be too short for us to consider this fund (submission to DEFRA by September / October) Requires 50% match-funding. Match-funding could be 'in-kind'.

Way forward spatially is based on the 6 areas identified.


DrIR: Resources from DEFRA - worth working towards this.

BJ - Funding extremely competitive - open to all EU Members. Chances of a successful bid from Ceredigion may not be very high.
- Partnership bid
- Suggest CCC would be the Lead Body
- DEFRA training event to be held in July - suggest that representatives attend if this is the way forward
- Is there capacity to complete the form in time?

DLlE: Need to clarify the issue regarding match-funding.

CW: Need mention to the Welsh Language in the report - needs to be in the forefront.

OW: Outline possibility / idea - what are the things moving around us now:
- Wales Spatial Plan - discussions taking place to promote Mid Wales. One way forward is to use the pattern developed in Winning Mid Wales to promote and develop the regional and local centres and also the areas surrounding the towns. Community Strategies - how can these deliver the objectives in the Wales Spatial Plan. Suggestion for consideration: CCC Cabinet are developing the idea of the 6 towns (as working in South Ceredigion at present, which has been highly commended by Andrew Davies AM). Pull people together on a local basis and to utilise partner resources. Operate the 5 Themes on a local level.

How can we use the resources we have in a different way?

HL: Capacity to develop a bid for funding
Welsh Language - any engagement bilingually would enhance a bid for this funding

EaG: Process is currently 'top-down' and not engaging with communities. No mention of Town and Community Councils.
Aberystwyth area - large area - splitting this area in two - urban and rural as their needs are different.
Need people on the ground to deliver and any funding would be welcome to assist.
Rural Development Plans - should look at these as part of this work and how we can use them to our benefit.

RP: Towns and the hinterlands. Aberaeron does not have a Menter Group at present.

OW: CCC has a main role in delivering Winning Mid Wales

BJ: Funding application depends on how ambitious we would want to be. Minimum bids - 600,000 euros over 18 months - 3 years. Looking at substantial funding.
Need a clear commitment to looking into this further and to prepare a bid.

PV: Trained facilitators - WAG have a system in place for training facilitators and other organisations can use this facility.
Need to have a synergy with spatial areas identified under the Wales Spatial Plan and Winning Mid Wales.

OW: Suggests that we look at moving forward on a regeneration basis at a local level. Funding would make this easier and objectives would be achieved sooner. Need to look at funding only to support what we would want to deliver anyway.

DrIR: Value of applying for funding in the longer term is that the values are nurtured sooner.

BJ: Need to ensure that the process of making the bid is useful in itself and prepare for future work.


Ceredigion 2020 support for funding

Indication to CCC Cabinet on a model of regeneration.

PIG to meet to consider ways of putting a bid together based on discussions within the Authority.

PIG to look at how other Community Strategies are trying to engage with their communities and how they are funded.

Publication and launch of the Ceredigion 2020 Community Strategy
Mark Elliott

Strategy will be ready in the next few weeks

Need consideration on how to 'launch' the Strategy

Will be circulated widely to Partners

A summary will also be produced for circulation

LT: Opportunity to support the 6 areas so that something happens in these areas

ME: May be too early in the process for this.

OW: Need to engage with the local press. Engage with local organisations. Keep the message going.

HL: For several copies to be sent to CAVO for distribution to their members.


To engage with the local press and to task Mark Elliott & Lowri Edwards to launch as appropriate

Update reports on the Partnership Integration Group and Thematic Groups, including the Data Group
Mark Elliott
For information.
Learning for Life Draft Action Plan
Gareth Jones

Discussion paper at present and of benefit for Ceredigion to be updated on where the Thematic Group has developed to.

This is the second draft which will be discussed again at the next Learning for Life Thematic Group meeting.

Stems from the needs of Ceredigion and reflects the needs of 'Learning for Life' within the County.

Linking the Actions to the other Thematic Group and that there is no duplication. Also included are the cross-cutting issues, taking into consideration 'Making the Connections'.

Will be developed into a more detailed 3 year Action Plan, which will include financial requirements for delivering the Action Plan.

DJ: Keeping and attracting young people in the County - is this an impossible task?

GJ: Need to include it as an aim and objective and therefore steps can be taken to address the issue.

DLlE: Need to attract high quality jobs into the County. Need to create opportunities.

GJ: The type of curriculum that we offer within the County - entrepreneurship to included in the curriculum.

HL: Cynnal Ceredigion looks at entrepreneurship within the County. Lead by Menter Busnes.

PV: Financial encouragement for young people to return to the County after training / higher education.

DJ: Bursary scheme in operation for Dentists on the basis that they work in the County for at least 5 years.

Correspondence received from the Health Alliance regarding Membership
Mark Elliott
In addition, the Health Alliance is represented on the PIG and this can form a major communication stream between the Steering Boards.


Derrick Jones nominated to represent Ceredigion 2020 on the Health Alliance Steering Group

Any other business
Cymdeithas yr Iaith - establishing a Language Forum.
Would it be of advantage for them to be invited to be members of Ceredigion 2020?


To consider following Scrutiny report to Cabinet. Agreed not to invite Cymdeithas yr Iaith to be a member of Ceredigion 2020 at this time. However, to keep an open remit to engage with Cymdeithas yr Iaith as and when appropriate.

Date of the next meeting
Monday, 3rd October 2005
10:30am (coffee from 10am)
Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

Ceredigion 2020 - the Community Strategy

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