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Adfywio Ceredigion Regeneration

The ACR acts as lead partnership for the Economically Successful theme within the Ceredigion 2020 Community Strategy.

Its role is to guide and coordinate the planning and implementation of all partners' regeneration activities within the County including their monitoring and evaluation and delivery.

This work includes overseeing the implementation of the economic and regeneration elements within Ceredigion 2020. To do this, it brings together all the key implementation partners in our County's economy including public sector agencies, private sector representative organisations together with community and voluntary sector representatives.

It coordinates delivery of Convergence and other European and domestic activity within this Strategy for the County of Ceredigion.

ACR is a local partnership delivering a Local Development Strategy and acting as lead partnership for the delivery of the Rural Development Plan Wales Axes 3 and 4 in the County of Ceredigion, UK, as required by EC Regulation No 1698/2005 Articles 59 (e) and 62 (1) (b).

Contact Us:

Mike Shaw, Group Manager Community Regeneration and European, Economic and Community Development Services


Phone: 01545 572064

wordicon.gif icon Cofnodion ACR Minutes 17/01/12 (Bilingual) [259kb] wordicon.gif icon Cofnodion ACR Minutes 10/11/11 (Bilingual) [259kb] wordicon.gif icon Cofnodion ACR Minutes 13/09/11 (Bilingual) [271kb] wordicon.gif icon Cofnodion ACR Minutes 14/06/11 (Bilingual) [245kb]

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