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Meeting 2 - Core Group 17th June 2013


Meeting 2

17th June 2013

10:30am (coffee and tea from 10.15am)

Aeron Room, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

AGENDA pdficon.gif icon Agenda [207kb]


Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn (Chair)

Bronwen Morgan

Chief Superintendent Pam Kelly

Chief Constable Mr Simon Prince

Ifan Evans

Teresa Owen

Hazel Lloyd-Lubran

Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion County Council

Dyfed Powys Police

Dyfed Powys Police

Welsh Government

Hywel Dda Health Board


Policy Support:

Lowri Edwards

Corporate and Community Strategy Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Steffan Gruffudd

Rhiannon Hicks

Local Service Board Project Officer, Ceredigion County Council

Local Service Board Support Officer, Ceredigion County Council

In Attendance:

Euros Healy

Jamie Thorburn

Alan Garrod

Gaynor Toft

Cllr Hag Harris

Mike Shaw

Hywyn Pritchard

Children and Young People Executive Group

Ceredigion County Council

Community Safety Executive Group

HSCWB Executive Group

Chair, Children and Young People Executive Group

Sustainable Futures Executive Group

Chief Procurement Officer, Ceredigion County Council



Sian-Marie James

Hywel Dda Health Board


Disclosures of interest

There were no disclosures of interest.


Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board Group meetings:

Minutes of the Local Service Board Meetings held 18th February 2013 and the 25th March 2013 were noted.


Matters arising

Information Sharing Protocols – No further protocols have been received. Currently the Third Sector is in the process of setting up a template through the Third Sector Brokers Project. CAVO are working closely with the three Counties and a meeting will be held this week to discuss further. In relation to Community Safety, work is currently underway on developing an information sharing protocol, which will include Council, Police, Probation, Health Board and Fire & Rescue Services, and is near to completion. Information sharing is critical and we must ensure that this is understood by frontline service deliverers. Mark James, CE of Carmarthenshire County Council is convening a workshop for partner organisations on Monday, 24th June, at which they will be discussing practical issues of sharing information and how these can be addressed.

Action: Alan Garrod to collate issues and examples of information sharing protocols and experiences of developing and implementation, prior to the Three Counties Workshop to be held on Monday 24th June.

Cylch Caron - Lowri Edwards stated that confirmation of funding has been received from WG to develop the Outline Business Case. Progress has already being made with the appointment of the Project Manager who will start work on the 19th June.


Update on Single Integrated Plan / Action Plans

(Available in English Only)

pdficon.gif icon CS Safe Communities RBA [153kb]

pdficon.gif icon CYP Children & [168kb]

pdficon.gif icon CYP Physical and Emotional Wellbeing RBA [167kb]

pdficon.gif icon CYP Poverty Inequalities RBA [167kb]

pdficon.gif icon CYP Vulnerable Children & [167kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Fulfilled Lives RBA [177kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB HSC Community Services RBA [181kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Obesity RBA [169kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Poverty RBA [154kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Safe Suitable Affordable Housing RBA [175kb]

pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Workforce Development RBA [149kb]

pdficon.gif icon SF Facilities & [146kb]

pdficon.gif icon SF Skills & [153kb]

Lowri Edwards stated that 'Ceredigion for All' Single Integrated Plan has been endorsed, and subsequently submitted to WG, which has recently provided its feedback. Overall, the feedback is positive and reflects on the comments made on a National basis.

The main comments were as follows:

  • The Needs Assessment is comprehensive and the SIP itself is accessible and easy to follow, underpinned by three themes.
  • The fact of Ceredigion's relative well-being compared with the rest of Wales is made often. While this is an important point, it means that there is insufficient analysis of need and a lack of attention to where improved outcomes should be achieved.

Lowri thanked the Officers and Executive Groups for their work in relation to the Needs Assessment and the Single Integrated Plan, and now in the development of the Action Plans.

We are still awaiting written confirmation from Dyfed Powys Police and the National Library of their sign up to the SIP. Discussions are also taking place with Natural Resources Wales in relation to their sign up as well as representation on the LSB and Executive Groups.

CS Pam Kelly stated that Dyfed Powys Police confirmed that they happy to sign up to the Single Integrated Plan and that it links well with the Police and Crime Plan. In addition, further information can be fed into the Action Plans so that there is no duplication of work and that they reflect current activity.

Steffan Gruffudd stated that following an RBA workshop held in March, the LSB Executive Groups and Advisory Groups have begun to develop the Action Plans to carry out aspects of the work from the Single Integrated Plan. It was decided at the last LSB Advisory Group for the LSB to give direction and guidance on the RBA Plans. Various plans that have been produced by the Executive Groups have the opportunity to be merged with an overarching Task and Finish Group to deliver on the plan e.g. Poverty from CYPP and HSCWB.

Comments made in relation to the draft Action Plans:

  • We need to measure carefully in regards to performance and how it links into the 'Story behind the data.' Economy has become more apparent over recent months, which will cause great effect especially in rural parts of the county.
  • There may be a delay to some action plans relating to the Economy and Place outcomes as the Council currently has Wavehill consultants commissioned to produce an Economic Strategy that will provide much of the detail for the Action Plans. 
  • Work is currently being done by the Scrutiny Committee following the review of the benefits change and they will be feeding into the work being undertaken.
  • The Prince's Trust will begin work within the County in regards to NEETs; it may be beneficial for the LSB to work alongside this. We need to be aware of trends; currently public expenditure is reducing, NEETs and the level of crime may increase.
  • We need to be mindful that the focus isn't solely on children, there needs to be a focus on the Family and the support system that surrounds Families. This is a cross cutting theme therefore we need to look at Families as a whole. It is crucial that Children and Young People and their Families are consulted during the planning stage to increase community resilience.

Teresa Owen stated a meeting took place with the Innovations Board and the Reader for Rural Health and Community Wellbeing was appointed. The position recognises the unique opportunity available to the NHS and local universities Trinity Saint David and Aberystwyth University to work strategically in partnership and redefine how policies and services can improve the health and wellbeing of those living in rural communities.

It was suggested to invite Mr Manoj Kulshrestha gives a presentation to the Partnerships so that there is more of an understanding of his role and the work that he is undertaking. The work being undertaken in relation to service delivery in rural areas could inform the work of the Single Integrated Plan.

Dyfed Powys Police are currently looking at how accessible they are at a local level and are reviewing their arrangements. Powys is currently piloting a Neighbourhood Management scheme, and the Welsh Government is keen on this approach. It was stated that a Neighbourhood Management approach could assist some of the Single Integrated Plan's priorities.

It was agreed that a Task and Finish Group be convened to consider a Neighbourhood Management approach in Ceredigion.

Action: To convene a Task and Finish Group to consider a Neighbourhood Management approach in Ceredigion.

There is a need for the RBA plans to be developed further before the next LSB meeting to ensure these are clear outcomes, and that benefits can be realised quickly.

Action: To convene meeting of the Lead Officers from each of the Executive Groups to further develop the RBA Plans and report back at the next LSB Meeting.

Lowri Edwards / Steffan Gruffudd


Third Sector engagement in the National Procurement Service

pdficon.gif icon National Procurement Service Project [31kb]

The Chair welcomed Hywyn Pritchard, Chief Procurement Officer for Ceredigion County Council to the meeting.

At a recent meeting of the Reform Delivery Group a matter was raised regarding Third Sector Engagement in the National Procurement Services. Currently several Authorities in Wales have signed up to this service. They have recognised six services including Catering, Building Resources and Professional services. The structure will be in place by November 2013.

Hazel Lloyd Lubran stated she has discussed this matter with the Chief Executives of other Voluntary Associations and there is little knowledge of the National Procurement Service across the sector.

ACTION: Hazel Lloyd Lubran and Hywyn Pritchard to discuss this matter further and report back to the LSB.

Concerns were raised in relation to catering; we need to support the local community and use local catering Services rather than a larger company outside of the County.

Ifan Evans stated that he was meeting with the National Procurement Service shortly and will raise some of the concerns expressed.

Hywyn Pritchard, Chief Procurement Office, Ceredigion County Council


Public Services Commission

pdficon.gif icon Public Services Commision Minutes [161kb]

pdficon.gif icon Public Services Commission Remit [24kb]

WG has published a remit for the Independent Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery. This will provide an opportunity to examine how public services are being governed. The Commission's timetable is tight and they will be reporting by the end of the year. There will be a series of public meetings taking place throughout the summer. In addition, a call for evidence was received last week and it was suggested that the LSB responds directly to the request.

ACTION: A draft response to the call for evidence to be drafted for consideration by the LSB.

Post Meeting Note: Welsh Government has confirmed that the deadline for responses to the call for evidence is 31st August 2013. The Commission has said it will receive evidence after this date but may not be able to give it due weight.



LSB Executive Group reports

· Community Safety Executive Group Annual Report

pdficon.gif icon Ceredigion Community Safety Executive Group Strategic Assessment 2013_14 [112kb]

pdficon.gif icon Community Safety Full Partnership & [229kb]

pdficon.gif icon CS Presentation [1.6Mb](available in English only)

Alan Garrod referred to 3 papers relating to the Ceredigion Community Safety Executive Group circulated prior to the meeting:

  • The Ceredigion Community Safety Executive Group Strategic Assessment 2013/14 a Highlights Report for the LSB to consider.
  • Community Safety full Partnership and Strategy Group Minutes
  • Presentation made at the full Partnership meeting.

The LSB noted the highlights of the Ceredigion Community Safety Strategic Assessment and endorsed the recommendations. The Strategic Assessment will now be formally submitted to Dyfed Powys Police.

Alan Garrod, Community Safety Manager


Any other business

Ceredigion Economic Strategy - Workshops

Lowri Edwards stated that Wavehill has been commissioned to assist the Authority in the development of an Economic Strategy. A series of workshops exploring how best to help Ceredigion secure sustained economic growth for the future, are being help in the coming weeks. Information will be sent out with the minutes partnerships are encouraged to attend where their knowledge and experience would be most influential.

'Continuity and Change'

For Information: Hazel Lloyd Lubran stated that there is a document currently out for consultation by Welsh Government which focuses on refreshing the Welsh Government's relationship with the Third Sector in Wales, and in particular considers:

  • Affirming and renewing the relationship.
  • Supporting Third Sector Infrastructure.
  • Engagement with the Sector
  • Working together nationally, regionally and locally
  • Local Compacts and Framework documents.

The consultation documents is available at:

Domestic Abuse Policies

Bronwen Morgan stated that she will be contacting all partner organisations in the coming weeks to discuss their policy on Domestic Abuse.


Date of next meeting:

  • Core Group: 16th September 2013

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