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Local Service Board Executive Group for Children and Young People

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This Executive Group is in place to seek to achieve better outcomes and improve wellbeing of the children and young people of Ceredigion. It is accountable to the Local Service Board, and contributes to the formulation of Local Service Board priorities in respect of children and young people to be included in the Single Integrated Plan 'Ceredigion for All'. It is also responsible for designing and delivering actions and targets in relations to these priorities.

This group is key in providing recommendations to the Local Service Board on services for children and young people.

It works to the Welsh Government's 7 Core Aims and the 10 Entitlements for Children and Young People.

The 'Ceredigion Service Providers for Children and Young People's Forum' is accountable to this Executive Group.

This Executive Groups replaces the Statutory 'Children and Young People's Partnership', which was in operation until 2012.

Members of this Executive Group represent both statutory and voluntary organisations together with Ceredigion County Council officers.

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