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Meeting 1 - Core & Associates Groups 17th December 2012


Meeting 1

17th December 2012

10:30am (coffee and tea from 10.15am)

Ystwyth Room, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

AGENDA pdficon.gif icon Agenda [210kb]


Ellen ap Gwynn (Chair)

Bronwen Morgan

Matthew Quinn

Chief Superintendent Steve Hughson

Hazel Lloyd-Lubran

Sue Byrne

Sarah Veck

Sian-Marie James

Iwan Cray

Cllr Gareth Lloyd

Non Davies

Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion County Council

Welsh Government

Dyfed Powys Police


Countryside Council for Wales

Hywel Dda Health Board

Hywel Dda Health Board

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Chair, Sustainable Futures Executive Group

Coleg Ceredigion

Policy Support:

Allan Lewis

Assistant Chief Executive, Ceredigion County Council

Lowri Edwards

Corporate and Community Strategy Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Steffan Gruffudd

Local Service Board Project Officer, Ceredigion County Council

Rhiannon Hicks

Local Service Board Support Officer, Ceredigion County Council

In Attendance:

Mike Shaw

Sustainable Futures Executive Group

Jamie Thorburn

Ceredigion County Council



Jacqui Weatherburn          Coleg Ceredigion

Jane Davidson                   Trinity Saint David University

Pedr ap Llwyd                   National Library of Wales


Disclosures of interest

The Chair congratulated Chief Superintendent Steve Hughson on his appointment as the Chief Executive of the Royal Welsh and thanked him for his input and support with the LSB.

Steve Hughson stated that this would be his last meeting of the Local Service Board and stated that he had enjoyed working with partners and being involved with the Ceredigion LSB. The Chair thanked Steve and wished him all the best for the future.

Bronwen Morgan also congratulated the Chair on winning the Local Politician of the Year Award recently.

The Chair conveyed her thanks to all partner organisations who were involved with the flooding incident and the recovery thereafter.


Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board meeting – 12th November 2012.

pdficon.gif icon LSB Minutes 12.11.12 [206kb]

Minutes of the Local Service Board Meeting help 12th November were confirmed as correct.


Matters arising

No matters were raised.


Consideration of Single Needs Assessment and selecting of Single Integrated Plan Priorities

Jamie Thorburn presented the draft Single Integrated Plan (SIP) to the LSB and outlined the layout and format, based on the three themes agreed at the previous meeting:

  • Supporting Families
  • Independent Living
  • Economy and Place

There was consensus from the LSB that the SIP was easy to read and would be understandable for the citizens and stakeholders of Ceredigion.

A discussion was held regarding the draft SIP, and it was agreed to make the following amendments / additions:

  • Need to ensure consistency in the 'level' of descriptors for the theme priorities
  • Reference to sustainability, equality and wellbeing issues should be made in the 'headline' priority outcomes

The importance of being able to demonstrate achievement was discussed and it was noted that some of the outcomes may not currently be demonstrable e.g. how do we measure wellbeing? The Citizens' Panel could assist with this data, qualitative but it was noted that it needs to better reflect the demographics of Ceredigion.

It was noted that where possible, the measures should be the same as in neighbouring Authorities in order to provide comparative information and learn from good practice.

Reference was made to current WG consultation relating to the Sustainable Development Bill, Public Health Bill and the Health and Social Care Bill and the need for these to be consistent and co-ordinated in respect to the duties placed on organisations. In addition, it was stated that any measures or outcomes from these Bills should also be consistent and co-ordinated and could assist SIPs in the future.

Subject to the amendments noted above, it was agreed that the draft Single Integrated Plan could go out to consultation and engagement.

AGREED: Subject to the amendments discussed, to go out to formal consultation and engagement of the draft SIP in the New Year.

The draft SIP would be issued bilingually for a 12 week consultation period in the New Year, A press release would be issued, and there would be an online form on the Ceredigion 2020 website for consultation responses.

ACTION: All to consider the draft SIP consultation questionnaire and to provide comments by Friday, 4th January 2013.

The LSB Support Team will be preparing an engagement programme and will be contacting partners for assistance.

Consideration was given to a title for the SIP and following discussion 'Ceredigion i bawb' / 'A Ceredigion for all' was agreed.

Lowri Edwards stated that all partners could assist by promoting the draft SIP. In addition, a new logo is being designed, which, in addition to the title for the SIP, will create a new brand for the Ceredigion LSB and the SIP.

It was suggested that there should be a formal launch for the draft SIP and it was agreed that the LSB Support Team consider this.



Local Service Board Terms of Reference

pdficon.gif icon ToR LSB [225kb](available in English only)

Allan Lewis presented an overview of the draft LSB Core Group Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference follow the same format as that of the LSB Advisory Group and the LSB Executive Groups and illustrates and explains the relationship between each of these.

Governance and Accountability is a very important role in the work of the LSB and strategies and plans must be approved by each parent body.

It was noted that the LSB will be responsible for monitoring the LSB Executive Groups in terms of their delivery of the SIP. The LSB will be responsible for ensuring that there are no barriers / blockages to ensuring that the actions are delivered.

Reference was made to paragraph 3.1.2, which referred to 'oversee workforce development'; it was agreed to amend this to 'consider workforce development'.

Action: All to consider the draft LSB Core Group Terms of Reference and to submit any further comments to Allan Lewis.

Allan Lewis


European Social Fund – Regional Learning Partnership application

pdficon.gif icon Ceredigion LSB Report - ESF [280kb](available in English only)

pdficon.gif icon Annex A [101kb](available in English only)

pdficon.gif icon Annex B [178kb](available in English only)

Lowri Edwards outlined the Regional Learning Partnership's bid for funding from the LSB ESF project. The RLP is a transformational partnership bringing education and regeneration partners together to help provide a better future for learners and potential learners across the South West Wales (includes – Ceredigion, Powys, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Swansea and Port Talbot) region.

Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Powys and Neath Port-Talbot LSBs have endorsed the application and discussions continue with Swansea.

The potential benefits of the RLP were discussed in the context of future support for the LSB Needs Assessment and the SIP. It was agreed that this should be included in the application and be part of their development.

AGREED: Subject to the addition outlined above, the LSB endorsed the RLP's application for ESF funding.

Lowri Edwards


Any other business

Community Voice – Lottery Fund application

Hazel Lubran reported that the application to the Lottery Fund has been turned down at the second stage; however other sources of funding are being pursued, focussing on training for community engagement.

Partner representation on the Welsh Statistical Liaison Committee – Task and Finish Group

Jamie Thorburn stated that he has been appointed Chair of a Task and Finish Group of the Welsh Statistical Liaison Committee which will be looking at developing the Needs Assessments for the SIP and arrangements for sharing data etc. The Task and Finish Group currently has representatives from Local Authorities, Public Health and Dyfed-Powys Police. All were asked to consider suitable representatives for this Task and Finish Group.

ACTION: All to consider suitable representatives to become members of the Welsh Statistical Liaison Committee Task and Finish Group and to inform the LSB Support Team of any nominations.

Hywel Dda Health Board's Clinical Services Strategy – Consultation

Sian-Marie James stated that Hywel Dda Health Board's Clinical Services consultation came to an end in October. The response was high and in order to give due consideration to these, the Health Board has delayed any decisions until early January 2013. The Chair noted this update but stated that this would delay any announcement from the Health Minister regarding support for the Cylch Caron project.

Welfare Reform

Sarah Veck stated in other Local Authority areas, multi-agency groups have been established to consider the impact of the Welfare Reform Bill. It was noted that the potential impact of the Welfare Reform Bill may become apparent in the Health Service and the Police and it may be beneficial to engage with all partners now.

ACTION: LSB Support Team to contact LA colleagues with regard to engaging with other partners to prepare for the potential impact of the Welfare Reform Bill.


Date of next meeting:

Core Group: 18th February 2013

Core & Associate Group: 25th March 2013

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