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Meeting 20 - 12th November 2012


Meeting 20

12th November 2012

2pm (coffee and tea from 1.45pm)

Brennig Room, Penmorfa, Aberaeron



Ellen ap Gwynn (Chair)

Bronwen Morgan

Cllr Hag Harris

Jacqui Weatherburn

Matthew Quinn

Chief Constable Jackie Roberts

Chief Superintendent Steve Hughson

Hazel Lloyd-Lubran

Sue Byrne

Jeremy Brown

Policy Support:

Allan Lewis

Lowri Edward

Steffan Gruffudd

Rhiannon Hick

In Attendance:

Mike Shaw

Alun Williams

Jamie Thorburn

Carwen Griffiths

Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion County Council

Chair, Children and Young People Executive Group

Coleg Ceredigion

Welsh Government

Dyfed Powys Police

Dyfed Powys Police


Countryside Council for Wales

Hywel Dda Health Board

 Assistant Chief Executive, Ceredigion County Council

Corporate and Community Strategy Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Local Service Board Project Officer, Ceredigion County Council

Local Service Board Support Officer, Ceredigion County Council

 Sustainable Futures Executive Group

Children and Young People Executive Group

Ceredigion County Council




Martin Jones                     Aberystwyth University

Sian-Marie James              Hywel Dda Health Board

Bryan Thomas                   Ceredigion County Council

Parry Davies                     Ceredigion Local Safeguarding Children's Board

Sarah Veck                       Hywel Dda Health Board


Disclosures of interest

There were no disclosures of interest.


Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board meeting – 15th October 2012.

pdficon.gif icon LSB Minutes 15.10.12 [157kb]

Minutes of the Local Service Board Meeting held 15th October were confirmed as correct.


Matters arising

19.4 Presentation of Hywel Dda Health Board's Clinical Services Strategy 'Your Health, Your Future' - a letter has been drafted and circulated to LSB members for approval. Jeremy Brown stated that the Hywel Dda Board will be considering on the 20th of December and making decisions regarding future service delivery


Consideration of Single Needs Assessment and selecting of Single Integrated Plan Priorities

pdficon.gif icon Shared Purpose Shared Delivery [335kb]

pdficon.gif icon Single Needs Assessment 01.10.12 [597kb](available in English only)

Lowri Edwards stated that the Single Needs Assessment was distributed to each of the Partnerships and partner organisations in September to give each an opportunity to consider their priorities. It was stated that, from lessons learnt from other LSBs, it was critical to focus on 4 or 5 priorities for the Single Integrated Plan where, by working in partnership there is added value. These priorities need to be deliverable and measurable, providing better outcomes for our citizens. These priorities should also be reflected in each organisation's Corporate Strategies / Business Plans.

It was agreed that the priorities need to be specific to the challenges facing Ceredigion, with rurality being an issue for all service deliverers in the County.

Following a discussion, 5 overarching principles were agreed which influence the SIP priorities:

  • Access to Service in a rural environment
  • Early Intervention
  • Bilingualism
  • Tackling Inequalities
  • Working together.

Following a lengthy discussion, the following themes emerged as priority themes for the Single Integrated Plan:

  • Supporting Families
  • Economy and Places
  • Independent Living.

It was agreed that there were clear links between the themes, with clearly identifiable needs (see attached document).

It was agreed that possible projects would emerge from these themes, focussing on the overarching principles.

The LSB Advisory Group will be giving due consideration to the themes and further consideration will be given to these at the next meeting in December.



Local Service Board Terms of Reference

pdficon.gif icon LSB Terms of Reference [225kb](available in English only)

Allan Lewis presented the draft Terms of Reference for the Core and Associate LSB Groups. It was stated that the Terms of Reference for the LSB Advisory Group and the LSB Executive Partnerships have been prepared in the same format, with links throughout.

Allan Lewis stated that a consistent format was critical for developing a 'brand' for the new LSB and the Single Integrated Plan. This will also be reflected in a new logo and website.

ACTION: To amend the draft Terms of Reference to include the role of the LSB Advisory Group and to clarify the level of representation from the partner organisations and partnerships required on both the Core and Associate LSB Groups.

ACTION: All to consider the draft Terms of Reference and to submit comments to Steffan Gruffudd by Wednesday, 5th December 2012.

Allan Lewis


Any other business

No matters were raised.


Date of next meeting:

Core and Associate Groups:

  • 17th December 2012, 10.30am, Ystwyth Room, Penmorfa Aberaeron.

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