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Data Mapping Graphs

An Informed Partnership?

Since the first Children and Young People's Plan in 2008, a great deal of effort has gone into measuring progress and trends in the areas prioritised by the Executive Group for Children and Young People for development.

We have used a selection of National and Local Performance Indicators which include both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Most importantly, we have begun to adopt Results Based Accountability methodology and are increasingly interested in trends and patterns of performance over time.

In particular, we want to know what the data tells us about our direction of travel. Hence, we have included a series of graphs that map data over time. Each graph reflects one of the outcome measures listed in our Children and Young People's Plan under each of the 7 core aims.

It is our intention to update these graphs every 6 months as both national and local data is released.

The Executive Group for Children and Young People is also interested in understating the 'story behind the curve' and taking effective action to 'turn the curve' in the right direction when necessary.

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