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Health, Social Care and Well-being Needs Assessment of the population of Ceredigion 2010

This report seeks to summarise the health, social care and well-being needs of the local community by analysing available national and local data sources, including responses from consultation with key stakeholders. The document is part of an ongoing process and is intended to inform the development of the next Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy 2011-14.

This is the third Needs Assessment produced for Ceredigion. The quality and range of both qualitative and quantitative information is constantly developing, and this Needs Assessment attempts to capture this information for Ceredigion.

The purpose of this needs assessments undertaken in 2010 is to;

  • Review the health status of the people of Ceredigion
  • Update data on the range of factors that effect peoples health and well-being
  • Be informed by the key health and social care planning groups and bodies that currently exist.
  • Consider the service issues in relation to these
  • Complement the needs assessment that is also being carried out on children and young people in the county

The report can be downloaded via the opposite links but is currently only available in English.

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