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LSB Partnership Integration Group - Meeting 8

Meeting 8

12th April 2010
Ystwyth Room, Penmorfa, Aberaeron


2pm - 3:30pm

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Allan Lewis

Ceredigion County Council

Lowri Edwards

LSB / Community Strategy Ceredigion County Council

Mike Shaw

Economically Successful (Ceredigion County Council)

Eirlys Lloyd

Stronger Communities (Ceredigion County Council)

Alan Garrod

Community Safety (Ceredigion County Council)

Sian Jones

Regeneration Administrative Officer (Ceredigion County Council)

Jamie Thorburn

Research and Information (Ceredigion County Council)

Helen Jones

Ceredigion Local Public Health Team

Chesca Ross


Huw Williams

High Quality Environment (Ceredigion County Council)

Gwenno Hywel

A Bilingual Future (CERED)



Gaynor Toft - HSCWB (Ceredigion County Council)
Rachel Russell - National Public Health Service
Gweneira Raw-Rees- Older People's Strategy
Bob Jacques – Ymlaen Ceredigion


The minutes were accepted as a true record.


Matters arising

Item 7.4 – Adrian Thomas has now retired and the action needs to be followed up with DHPW regarding transport.

Item 7.12 – Membership of the LSB – the matter was raised at the last LSB meeting and it was agreed to keep membership to the status quo for the time being.

Item 7.13 – JT stated that the 2011 Census pilot has completed. The 2008 mid-year estimates have been revised down due to migration statistics. The population for Ceredigion is now 75,000. However, this is yet to be confirmed. Discussions are taking place with the London Borough of Newham who are in the same position.

The reduced population will result in a £1.3m decrease in the financial settlement, however, discussions have taken place with the Finance Minister to keep the current settlement until the statistics are finalised.

The 2009 mid-year population data are due in June.


Draft Community Strategy:
- update
- feedback from meetings with partner organisations

Allan Lewis

· Update: Feedback from meeting with partner organisations:

Over the last few weeks, meetings have been held with LSB representatives of each of the partner organisations to discuss the draft Community Strategy, as agreed at the last LSB meeting.

The draft Strategy has been presented to our LSB partners. The draft is based on the contributions made by each of the Thematic Groups and statutory Partnerships, using the template provided, to cover the following:

  • Aim of the Theme / Partnership
  • Introduction
  • Key Priorities, including target date (by year) and headline indicator.

Each LSB partner organisation was asked to comment on the draft and consider:

  • Whether there were any gaps?
  • Whether they had concerns regarding some of the content?
  • Whether the content aligned with their organisational priorities?

The meetings were critical in terms of the process of developing the Community Strategy and of ensuring that the Strategy encapsulates partners' priorities and places more emphasis on the process rather than the document itself.

Future role of PIG:

Partner organisations were keen to see greater exchange of information on our respective areas of work and were not convinced that the current Partnership Integration Group (PIG) was able to achieve this. The PIG has concentrated upon exchange of information etc. on the work of the Thematic Groups.

The consultation with LSB partners highlighted the need for greater collaboration between public service providers in Ceredigion.

The Group felt that it was important to continue with the PIG as it was useful to exchange information and assist with collaborative working.

However, it was agreed that the focus had been incorrect - focussing on integrating the Thematic Groups rather than the work of partner organisations. This would also assist with the delivery of the Community Strategy and making efficiencies in the Ceredigion public sector.

It is recommended to the Local Service Board that the draft Community Strategy be revised, as follows:

  • To focus on 3 / 4 specific outcomes for the County rather than the individual themes;
  • To concentrate on a few areas of broad, strategic activity under each outcome;
  • To focus more on Strategic issues for the County.
  • To ensure that there is integration and collaboration between each of the statutory Plans/Strategies being prepared in 2010-2011.
  • To revise the Terms of Reference and membership of the Partnership Integration Group to focus on greater collaboration between public service providers in Ceredigion.

AGREED: To recommend to the LSB that the membership and role of PIG be amended to reflect integration between partner organisations.



Reports were circulated and information noted.


Fan Hyn, Fan Draw Project (report to follow)


Reports were circulated. RLlM was not present at the meeting to update PIG on the project.

However, JT stated that the project had received confirmation of funding from TraCC for a feasibility study to extend the project to other areas of the County.



Reports were circulated and information noted.



Reported were circulated and information noted.

The Welsh Assembly Government is preparing a Business Case for European Structural Funds to support the continued development of LSBs across Convergence areas of Wales. What this effectively means is that there is the potential of funding for the Ceredigion LSB over the next 5 years up to the value of approximately £109,000 per annum.

This includes the current LSB Development Fund (£50,000) as match funding along with a further £59,000 from ESF (a maximum of 59% of total costs).

Project proposals have been developed in terms of the LSB's current projects and potential projects for the future, and are aimed at increasing the capacity to support the LSB itself:

  • Officer to provide project management skills to support LSB projects
  • LSB Support Officer.

WAG have submitted the Business Case to WEFO and further information is awaited.

Regardless of approval from WEFO, the LSB will still receive the £50,000 for the Development Fund.

ACTION: LE to e-mail the Project Proposals to the Group.


Unmet Public Service needs to be reported to the LSB – from a Thematic perspective


Brief updates were received from each of the Partnerships / Thematic Groups:

Environment Partnership - are currently struggling. Only statutory organisations attending. However, this is similar to what is happening in other Counties e.g. Powys, Carmarthenshire and Neath Port Talbot. Need to consider whether the Partnership concentrate on only the statutory elements and look at opportunities to enhance those activities by working in partnership?

Learning for Life – some issues with this Group. Has not met for some time.

HSCWB – the Partnership is starting to 'regenerate' following the restructuring of Health services. Ian Bellingham has been appointed as County Director and is attending Partnership meetings.

The Hywel Dda Health Board's priority area is care in the community. There is some concern that the 'wellbeing' agenda is being lost.

Community Safety – 2 items were highlighted to the Group:
- Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee – look at community safety functions.
- Counter Terrorism

In addition, the Confidence Measure will be one of the major focus areas over the next few years.

Economically Successful – MS stated that the Equalities Bill was passed in law this week and will come into effect in October. This will affect the work of the LSB and partnerships / thematic groups in terms of service equalities and we need to be thinking about it.

The Partnership is currently concentrating on its regulatory role for the RDP.

Stronger Communities – The meetings are well attended and are gaining in confidence. The Partnership name has been changed to 'Cynnal y Cardi'. The Partnership is currently delivering RDP projects – looking at enhancing rural communities in Ceredigion.

A Bilingual Future – Three meetings have been held to date. These have been successful in sharing ideas and have focussed on Planning issues and bilingual signage.

In addition, consideration is being given to developing a Welsh Language Charter. A small group is meeting to develop a better idea of what this could mean. 2 options are currently being considered:

- High level Charter – organisations with Welsh Language Plans and assist them to improve them
- Make it simpler through:
a) Improving the bilingual services available
b) Improve the understanding of the public regarding their basic entitlements in terms of bilingual services.



No matters were discussed.


Date of next meeting:

5th July 2010
Ystwyth Room, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

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