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Meeting 9 - 19th April 2010

19th April 2010
Room 7, Canolfan Rheidol, Aberystwyth


10:30am - 12:50pm

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Bronwen Morgan

Ceredigion County Council (Community Safety Partnership)

Matthew Quinn

Welsh Assembly Government

Cllr Carl Williams

Children and Young People's Partnership

Superintendent Simon Powell

Dyfed-Powys Police

Phil Pickersgill

Environment Agency Wales

Steve Evans

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Dr Catrin Hughes

Aberystwyth University

Meri Huws

Trinity St. David University

Jacqui Weatherburn

Coleg Ceredigion

Ian Bellingham

Hywel Dda Health Board

Rhian Jardine

Countryside Council for Wales

Pedr ap Llwyd

National Library of Wales

Cllr Ceredig Davies

A Bilingual Future Thematic Group

Cllr Ben Davies

One Voice Wales

Janet Hawes

Hywel Dda Health Board

Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan

Learning for Life Thematic Group

Policy Support:

Allan Lewis

Assistant Chief Executive, Ceredigion County Council

Lowri Edwards

Corporate and Community Strategy Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Sian Jones

Regeneration Administrative Officer, Ceredigion County Council

In Attendance:

Heather West

Carers Development Officer, Ceredigion County Council

Lisa Saycell

Scrutiny Support Officer, Ceredigion County Council



Cllr Keith Evans

Ceredigion County Council

Rachel Russell

Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Partnership (Public Health Wales)

Hazel Lloyd Lubran

Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

Medwin Hughes

Trinity St. David University

Chris Martin

Hywel Dda Health Board

Parry Davies

Ceredigion Local Safeguarding Children's Board

Bronwen Morgan was nominated as Chair for the meeting. She stated that Cllr Keith Evans had broken his ankle yesterday and therefore had to send his apologies for the meeting. The Board expressed their best wishes to him.

The Chair also congratulated Jacqui Weatherburn on her appointment as Coleg Ceredigion's new Principal and looked forward to continued partnership working.


Disclosures of interest

No disclosures of interest were made.


pdficon.gif icon Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board meeting – 18th January 2010 [77kb].

Minutes of the Local Service Board Meeting held on the 19th January were confirmed as correct.


Matters arising

8.3 – Further information is awaited regarding the agreed action at the meeting held in October 2009 to establish a Joint Communications Group.

ACTION: Ian Bellingham agreed to follow this up with Chris Martin and to report back to Lowri Edwards via e-mail, prior to the next meeting.

8.4 – Matthew Quinn stated that funding for Broadband is likely to be based on addressing area by area gaps in provision. A model is being developed to address this.

The importance of Broadband provision in a rural area such as Ceredigion was reiterated.

ACTION: Matthew Quinn to provide an update for circulation prior to the next meeting.

Discussions have taken place with Health colleagues within WAG regarding Health representation on the Central Wales Spatial Plan Group. Matthew Quinn stated that a representative from the Hywel Dda Health Board would be the most likely. It was recommended that Ian Bellingham be nominated to represent health. Further discussions are to take place within the Health Board and will subsequently notify Lowri Edwards regarding the agreed representative.

ACTION: Ian Bellingham to confirm Hywel Dda Health Board representation on the Central Wales Spatial Plan Group.

8.5 – A Group is yet to be established to learn from the previous pilots undertaken in Carmarthenshire on developing Generic Workers. Meri Huws stated that Trinity St David University are developing this course in Carmarthen and courses will commence in January 2011.

Matthew Quinn stated that the Rural Health Plan will be discussed by the Central Wales Spatial Plan.

8.7 – A further discussion took place regarding the need to reduce Business Rates on Biomass facilities, in order to meet Sustainability and carbon reduction targets. It was agreed to ask WAG to consider exemption for Biomass facilities from Business Rates.

ACTION: Matthew Quinn to discuss within WAG, the possibility of Biomass facilities being made exempt from Business Rates.

It was agreed to produce a summary of actions agreed and progress being made, prior to the next meeting.

ACTION: Lowri Edwards to prepare a summary of agreed actions and progress made, prior to the next meeting.


Presentation on the Rights of Carers and Carers in the Workplace

Heather West

Heather West, Carers Development Officer gave a presentation on the Rights of Carers and Carers in the Workplace.

HW thanked the Board for the invitation. HW outlined the issues relating to Carers in the workplace and what public sector organisations can do to ensure that they are supported.

Opportunities for public sector co-ordination were outlined and the benefits of a cohesive approach.

Heather outlined issues that require answering to establish the current situation in terms of partner activity to support Carers. There are opportunities for resources and experience to be shared between partner organisations in order to ensure the rights of Carers in the workplace.

It was agreed to circulate the questions in order to gather the required information. Consideration will be given at the next meeting as to the way forward.

Information on the policy and guidance material can be located from the website at or if you would like to be involved more with the carers you can find further information on

Cllr Carl Williams stated that the National Carers Week is to be held in June and that this is an opportunity for partner organisations to get involved.

Cllr Ben Davies stated that we should acknowledge the work that paid carers are doing and that they should be remunerated accordingly.

The role of paid carers need to be seen as a career. It was agreed that the development of the Generic Workers course at Trinity St David University would enable this and also ensure that people stay in the area.

ACTION: All partners to return information regarding their current activity in terms of securing the rights of Carers in their respective workplace.


Local Service Board Priority Theme: Access to Services – wordicon.gif icon Cylch Caron: Community Resource Centre Project [104kb]

Ian Bellingham

Ian Bellingham stated that a great deal of progress had been made since the LSB meeting in January.

  • Formal project management arrangements have been agreed
  • The project is being developed with support from colleagues in WAG
  • The draft Strategic Outline Case is to be prepared by the end of May. However, this would not be complete, but will include the service model, which will illustrate innovation. Issues such as staffing levels, financial information etc. will be developed thereafter.

Ian stated that it was critical to emphasise the links between the Cylch Caron project and the Rural Health Plan. Funding will be sought from the Rural Health Innovation Fund to support the Project.

Ian also stated that as part of the ongoing communication and engagement work being undertaken to support the project, members of the Project Stakeholder Board had attended a Communities First Open Day held recently in Pontrhydfendigaid. Ian thanked Lowri for the work carried out in preparing for the Open Day.

It was also agreed that it was critical to ensure that continued links are made within WAG, with all relevant Departments.

The information was noted.


pdficon.gif icon Rural Health Plan [5.6Mb]

Parry Davies

Parry Davies was unable to attend the meeting, however, the Rural Health Plan had been circulated to Board members.

Janet Hawes stated that Hywel Dda Health Board is a pilot area for the Rural Health Plan although this information had not been received formally to date.

It was stated that several of the LSB's activities, such as Cylch Caron and the development of Generic Workers fit in with the priorities of the Rural Health Plan.


Local Service Board Priority Theme: Access to Services – wordicon.gif icon 'Fan Hyn, Fan Draw' [34kb]

Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan

Rhodri Llwyd Morgan update the Board on progress being made with the Fan Hyn, Fan Draw project.

It was stated that the project is progressing well and that it is working with communities to improve access to services. Laptops have been procured and broadband connections installed in community buildings in the following villages:
- Llangeitho
- Pontrhydfendiagaid
- Ysbyty Ystwyth
- Devil's Bridge

This has been achieved through close working with Community Councils.

IT lessons have been provided and this has been a success. Examples of positive feedback from the community were given.

The Police and Fire and Rescue Service have been attending visits, as well as Llanilar GP Surgery and its prescription service. The joint working was emphasised as being a positive aspect of this project.

It was agreed that all partner organisations should consider further opportunities for the project. An example is information regarding Carers etc.

In addition, it was agreed that the project could be used to develop Public Confidence in our services.

Rhodri also stated that TraCC funding had been approved for a feasibility study to expand the project to additional villages. An initial meeting is to be held next week to discuss which areas are to be included, however, these are likely to be further south in the County.

ACTION: All partner organisations to consider further opportunities for their involvement and use of the Fan Hyn, Fan Draw project to improve access and information on their services.


wordicon.gif icon Update on the Carbon Management Project [45kb]

Lowri Edwards

Lowri Edwards stated that data has been collated and analysed by ARUP (who have been commissioned by the Carbon Trust to undertake this work).

The data was presented at the Carbon Management Project Group last week. The next phase of the project will be to agree upon a Strategy and Implementation Plan to reduce carbon in our non-domestic buildings. These would be developed based upon the agreed target.

Lowri stated that a long discussion had taken place at last week's meeting regarding the target and the following was agreed for consideration by the Board:

  • Base year – 2008-2009
  • Carbon reduction target of 50% over 10 years.

Lowri stated that some were concerned that this target was too ambitious and others thought it was conservative.

Following a discussion by the Board, the following were agreed:
· The base year is confirmed as 2008-2009.
· A draft Strategy and Implementation Plan to be prepared to meet the highest possible target.
· The Carbon Management Group and then the LSB will consider the appropriate levels of implementation.

The need to ensure that the target and actions are undertaken collectively was reiterated.

It was also agreed that the target should be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Allan Lewis stated that the first meeting of the Aberystwyth Strategic Regeneration Area Board had been held recently and that the possible collaborative project between Aberystwyth University, Bronglais Hospital and the National Library of Wales to develop a Biomass District Heating facility was welcomed.


· 2008-2009 base year

· A draft Strategy and Implementation Plan to be prepared to meet the highest possible target.

· Consideration should then be given by the Carbon Management Group and then the LSB regarding appropriate implementation.


pdficon.gif icon Draft Community Strategy - update [243kb]

Allan Lewis

Allan Lewis presented a report regarding the development of the Community Strategy.

It was reported that meetings had been held with representatives from all partner organisations to discuss the draft Strategy as well as partnership structures etc.

Allan stated that the draft Community Strategy is based upon the contributions of the thematic groups.

These meetings had been very useful in terms of sharing information and also emphasised the fact that a great deal of activity was taking place by partner organisations that were not being highlighted and therefore not included in the draft Strategy. This emphasised the need to improve the exchange of information between partner organisations.

Options were considered regarding the structure of the Community Strategy and how to improve integration and exchange of information between partner organisations.

The following were agreed:

  • To revise the draft Community Strategy to focus on 3 / 4 objectives rather than the themes
  • To aim in the longer term towards a Single Delivery Plan for Ceredigion, to include the Community Strategy, the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy, the Children and Young People's Plan and the Community Safety Plan.
  • To revise the Terms of Reference and membership of the Partnership Integration Group to focus on greater collaboration between public service providers in Ceredigion.

This would not affect the Thematic Groups, although may assist in re-focussing some of their work and break down the barriers between them.

Lowri stated that the Local Government Measure (Wales) emphasises the process of developing the Community Strategy rather than the production of the document – such meetings and discussions have been part of the process and has helped to develop partner ownership for its delivery.


· To revise the draft Community Strategy to focus on 3 / 4 objectives rather than the themes

· To aim in the longer term towards a Single Delivery Plan for Ceredigion.

· To revise the Terms of Reference and membership of the Partnership Integration Group to focus on greater collaboration between public service providers in Ceredigion.


pdficon.gif icon Better Outcomes for Tougher Times: The Next Phase of Public Service Improvement [377kb]. pdficon.gif icon Public Services Summit briefing [48kb]
- Ceredigion Public Services Summit

Bronwen Morgan

Information had been circulated prior to the meeting regarding the Public Services Summit held in February, in light of the WAG document "Better Outcomes for Tougher Times."

Bronwen Morgan stated that the focus of this Summit was a response to the challenges facing public services in Wales over the next few years, looking at ways of achieving efficiencies and effectiveness, collaboratively.

It was proposed that consideration be given to how the public sector in Ceredigion can work collaboratively to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness, which place the citizen at the centre of service provision.

It was agreed that all public service organisations give consideration to potential areas for collaboration which achieve financial savings and efficiencies and that these are discussed at a Ceredigion Public Sector Workshop, to be held prior to the LSB meeting on the 12th July 2010, i.e. 'think the unthinkable'.

Possible examples for collaboration discussed include:
- Translation
- Procurement
- ICT services
- Payroll
- Estates
- Fleet management
- etc.

Volunteers are sought to facilitate the Workshop. Partner organisations to consider support for facilitation.

ACTION: All Public Sector organisations to consider potential areas for collaboration areas which could achieve financial savings.

AGREED: To convene a Workshop on the 12th July to agree areas for collaboration between Public Sector organisations.

ACTION: All partner organisations to consider providing facilitation support for the Workshop.


pdficon.gif icon Local Service Board Development Fund plus European Funding - funding to support the Local Service Board [542kb]

Allan Lewis

Information had been circulated prior to the meeting regarding project proposals submitted to WAG for European Structural Funds to support the LSB.

The project proposals were for 2 posts to increase capacity to support the LSB and its projects:

· Local Service Board Support Officer.
· Local Service Board Project Management and Support

WAG have submitted a Business Case to WEFO. Further information is not currently available.

The information was noted.


Public Service issues which are of concern to LSB Partners


No matters were discussed.


Any other business

No matters were discussed.


Date of next meeting:
Monday, 12th July 2010, 11:00am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

A programme of meetings for 2010:
Monday, 18th October 2010, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 17th January 2011,10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 11th April 2011, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 11th July 2011, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 10th October 2011, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

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