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Meeting 7 - 12th October 2009

12th October 2009
Council Chamber, Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

10:30am – 12:30pm


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Allan Lewis

Ceredigion County Council

Matthew Quinn

Welsh Assembly Government

Cllr Carl Williams

Children and Young People's Partnership

Huw Williams

High Quality Environment Thematic Group

Superintendent Alun Harries

Dyfed-Powys Police

Hazel Lloyd Lubran

Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations

Stuart Moncur

Hywel Dda Health Board

Amanda Jones

Hywel Dda Health Board

Phil Pickerskill

Environment Agency Wales

Rhian Jardine

Countryside Council for Wales

Steve Evans

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Rachel Russell

HSCWB Partnership / National Public Health Service

Lowri Edwards

Ceredigion County Council

Janet Hawes

Hywel Dda Health Board

Cllr Ben Davies

One Voice Wales

Jacqui Weatherburn

Coleg Ceredigion



Cllr Keith Evans - Ceredigion County Council
Chris Martin - Hywel Dda Health Board
Dr Catrin Hughes - Aberystwyth University
Cllr Eurfyl Evans - Chair, Adfywio Ceredigion
Bronwen Morgan - Chief Executive, Ceredigion County Council
Cllr Ceredig Davies - A Bilingual Future Thematic Group
Parry Davies - Ceredigion Local Safeguarding Children's Board
Rhodri Llwyd Morgan - Learning for Life Thematic Group

The Chair welcomed Janet Hawes to the meeting and congratulated her on being elected as Vice Chair of the Hywel Dda Health Board.


Disclosures of interest

No disclosures of interest were made.


wordicon.gif icon Minutes of previous Ceredigion Local Service Board meeting – 13th July 2009. [153kb]

The minutes were accepted as correct.


Matters arising

No matters to discuss

To determine LSB priorities following the Local Service Board Workshop

pdficon.gif icon Background information on LSB Workshop activity [788kb]

A presentation will be given at the meeting, for the LSB to consider options.

Allan Lewis

LE briefed the members on the outcomes from the workshop held at Ty Glyn Aeron.

Following the feedback the main priority that was identified on the day was the need to address Climate Change.

It was decided to look at the carbon footprint of public services, working with the Carbon Trust. This links with the proposed Sustainability reporting, where public sector organisations will have to produce an annual report.

A formal partnership arrangement will need to be entered with the Carbon Trust.

The Carbon Trust would conduct an audit of carbon emissions as a benchmark. This information can then be used to reduce omissions.

The timescales would be as follows:

  • Agree programme of work - end of October
  • Confirm funding - early November
  • Produce scope of works and invite Tenders for Consultancy support - end of November
  • Practical start - mid December
  • Completion - mid March    

Rhian Jardine stated that CCW have been involved in such work for a number of years and is willing to give a presentation if required.

MQ mentioned that there will be money available in 2010-2011 through 0% loans.

It was agreed that Lowri Edwards would be the co-ordinating office on behalf of the LSB and each organisation to nominate an individual to work with the Carbon Trust.

Discussions took place regarding the scope of the work i.e. whole county or in Aberystwyth. A further discussion is to take place with the Carbon Trust to establish what can be done within the timescale.

Each organisation to nominate an officer to work with the Carbon Trust. Nominations to Lowri by Monday 19th October.


Presentation regarding Climate Change

Matthew Quinn

Mathew Quinn outlined the issues regarding Climate Change and the need to address these issues now, to reduce our carbon footprint and to enable us to reach the target set by 2050.

Cllr Carl Williams reiterated the need for such issues to be incorporated into the Education Curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

The information was noted.


WAG responses to LSB work in Ceredigion

Matthew Quinn

MQ announced that there was no update from the Welsh Assembly Government. However, it was stated that funding could be available from the Making the Connections Fund to support the LSB. Lowri to liaise with the Making the Connections Team.

To discuss further at next meeting.


Local Service Board Priority Theme: Access to Services – Cylch Caron: Tregaron Integrated Centre Project

wordicon.gif icon Update [93kb] pdficon.gif icon Appendix A [750kb]

Stuart Moncur

Following the meeting last Friday 9th October with members of the Welsh Assembly Government regarding Resource Centre Model, Stuart Moncur thanked Lowri for her work in putting the presentation together. The Minister is very keen for WAG colleagues to assist in helping us to deliver the project.

Feedback had been encouraging and members of the Project Team will continue to work with WAG.

Circulate the notes following the meeting with WAG.

Presentation to given to the LSB at the next meeting. 


Local Service Board Priority Theme: Access to Services – 'Fan Hyn, Fan Draw'

Dr Rhodri Llwyd Morgan

Rhodri Llwyd Morgan was unable to attend the meeting. It was discussed at the meeting that the project was a huge opportunity for several partner organisations and that they could add value to the project. CAVO, Dyfed Powys Police and Communities First are willing to participate in an evaluation of this project

To convene the Group as a means of adding value to the project.


Ministerial Meeting regarding the Local Service Board

Hazel Lloyd Lubran

It was stated that the second meeting with the Minister was to be held on the 19th November. As of yet, no question had been received. It was stated that the approach taken at the last meeting was positive and showed good partnership working.

It was agreed that a similar approach be taken for the forthcoming meeting, unless it was felt that key individuals should be present, based on the questions to be addressed.


Introduction to the Communities First Outcome Fund

Eirlys Lloyd

A presentation was given by Eirlys Lloyd on the Welsh Assembly Launch on the Communities First Outcome Fund. Outcome Fund has been launched with explicit objectives of offering match funding from the Communities First budget for activities and services to target Communities First areas.

The Fund will provide up to a maximum of £300,000 for up to a three year period.

Increased emphasis across the Assembly Government on targeting programmes and policies on supporting the Communities First areas – the term 'programme bending has evolved to describe this process Dependent on local people receiving the active support, encouragement and help of the authorities, agencies and other organisations which deliver the key services, advice and programmes.

Outcome Fund Seminar to be held 24th November – LSB Members to ensure representatives from their organisation are able to attend.


Scrutiny of Partnerships and the Local Service Board

wordicon.gif icon WAG Advice Note [1.7Mb]

Denfer Morgan

Denfer Morgan outlined the up-to-date position with regards to the recommended scrutiny arrangements for maintaining the work of LSBs and policy contained in the community structure. He referred to WAG expectations, guidance and legislation developments. The Council's Overview and Scrutiny Coordinating committee had been given the responsibilities to co-ordinate this work within Ceredigion.

It would now need to agree its work programme and the practical arrangements for under taking the recommended scrutiny function.

Item to be placed on the Agenda for the meeting with the Minister in November, for further clarification on new Scrutiny arrangement proposals.


Public Service issues which are of concern to LSB Partners


Superintendent Alun Harries referred to the Public Confidence Measure in Policing. They have to work towards meeting a joint target and national target, and how much confidence is there in the ability of the police and local authority to address community safety issues. The outcome was 45% for Dyfed Powys Police area. The local target is to achieve 60% confidence rating by middle of 2012.

LSB welcomes the offer made by Dyfed Powys Police to give a presentation on the Public Confidence Measure at a future meeting.

It was stated that the survey was undertaken through the Annual Crime Survey and that there wasn't and any data available for the Ceredigion area alone.

It was stated that the public sector organisations we are not very good at highlighting the positive aspects of our work.

It was agreed to develop a Joint Communications Working Group, across partner organisations to promote the work of the LSB and to co-ordinate information and to build on what's already in place.

Janet Hawes volunteered Bev Gardner from Hywel Dda Health Board to lead.

The Working Group to prepare a paper for consideration by the LSB regarding what could be achieved together.

Rachel Russell and Stuart Moncur gave a brief update on the status of swine flu in the county and the multi-agency work being undertaken.

All organisations to nominate a PR Officer to consider joint PR activity.


FOR INFORMATION: Partnership and Thematic Group Updates

wordicon.gif icon A Bilingual Future [104kb]
wordicon.gif icon Community Engagement [101kb]
wordicon.gif icon Community Safety [140kb]
wordicon.gif icon CYPP [99kb]
wordicon.gif icon High Quality Environment [86kb]
wordicon.gif icon HSCWB [89kb] pdficon.gif icon HSCWB Annual Report [130kb]
wordicon.gif icon Local Development Plan [89kb]

Each Partnership and Thematic Group update was emailed prior to the meeting for information


Any other business

A letter had been received from Andrew Davies AM regarding the annual evaluation report. It was agreed that members of the LSB are involved in its preparation. Mathew Quinn, Stuart Moncur and Steve Evans kindly offered to help.

Cllr Ben Davies thanked Lowri on the LSB workshop held at Ty Glyn end of last month.

Representatives will be asked to provide comments in the preparation of the Evaluation Report.


Date of next meeting:
Monday, 18th January 2010, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

A programme of meetings for 2010:
Monday, 19th April 2010, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 19th July 2010, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron
Monday, 18th October 2010, 10:30am, Council Chamber, Penmorfa, Aberaeron

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